9 Years of Sweetness (In Pictures)

9 years ago today, on a chilly Wisconsin spring day, my husband and I got married.  I remember that day it snowed (lightly), our bus transportation (church to reception) never showed up, but in my eyes it was a perfect day.

The Younger Years

Those nine years have flown by, just as our elders parents told us they would.  As I look back I realize how many great things have happened and I wanted to share 9 of those things with you!

1 Trip

Yes sadly, in our nine years of marriage, we have taken one trip.   Even more sad is the fact that this trip happened 5 years ago.  Payton and Tyler still talk about our trip to Jamaica, and Camryn is convinced she was there (she was not even a twinkle in our eyes) with us.  In the next 5 years I hope we take another family trip and one vacation.   What is the difference you ask?  Well, as a wise woman once told me (shout out to Cynthia Kernodle!!), when you go with kids it is a trip, when you go with your spouse/significant other/alone, it is a vacation.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Sweet and Sassy

Sweet and Soaked

2 Cousins/Nephews

The past nine years have brought us two new nephews (and one more on the way!).  Our years in Kansas provided us plenty of time with our second cousins Sydney, Sean, Anthony, Aidan, and baby Michael.  The arrival of sweet Reid and sweet baby AJ mean the kids have REAL cousins for the first time!

Chillin' out with sweet baby Reid

Sweet baby AJ

3 Dogs

Pets are a huge part of our household.  They have their own voices, personalities, and nicknames.  In the beginning it was just the three of us…

The rarely photographed, Kumate

So apparently we don't take many pictures of Kuma....

…but a short time later we bought the adorable Kiyabunga (Kiya) after watching Kuma play with a pug at the dog park.  Kuma and Kiya were a perfect match.  Best friends.  We lost Kiya at Christmas a year ago, after complications from diabetes.  This was probably the hardest thing our family has ever been through.  Losing Kiya was tough.

Puppy Kiya and her first sweet bath.

Shortly after the loss of Kiya, we added Miya to our already crazy household.  Don’t be fooled by her cuteness.  She is a devil.

I am the devil.

4 Years of Camryn (Cami)

Are they starting to look alike?

5 years in Kansas

But as Dorothy learned in The Wizard of Oz, there is no place like home.  Welcome back to Wisconsin!

6 years of Tyler

Payton and her new baby brother

7 years without my grandma

Cousin Jason and I with grandma

I still miss her today.  Along with my grandma, these 9 years also meant the loss of my grandpa, Ryan’s grandma, and his aunt and uncle.

8 Years with Payton Joyce (her namesake being the above grandma)

Those sweet years have flown!

9 Years To Build This…

Photo Credit: Karmen Lindner Photography


Here’s to Many More Sweet Years,



Sweet Weekend

It’s Friday Sweet Friends!!

The recipe for a Sweet Weekend 

A spoonful of this:

A dash of this (minus the jacket): 

Mixed together with a handful of this:


Stir it all up* and enjoy!!

*This week’s recipe called for an extra teaspoon of hope that my Sweet Son’s fever is gone tomorrow!!

Fabulous Friday (New) Finds

All my extra sleep got me trying some new things.  I linked my Pi Day Workout to the Fitness Loves of the Week (FLOW) on In Sweetness and In Health.  You should check it out!  People link up their workouts or other fitness related tidbits they have blogged about during the week.  Fun! 



Have a Sweet Weekend!








Sweet Dreams.

This morning I woke up and I felt different.  Motivated.

Could it be the weather?

March Madness

Could it be March Madness and the opportunity to wear my favorite bandana?  (Go Badgers).

What could it be that motivated me to empty the dishwasher AND clean out the filter, all before 8 am?

The true culprit:  7 straight hours of sleep. 

I know sleep has been linked to weight loss and productivity, but I still struggle to turn in early. 

The way I feel today makes me know I need to change and have consistent 7-8 hour nights, rather than my usual 6 5. 

Can I do it? 

I can.  Just ask my dishwasher…

Have a sweet day,


3/14/2012: A Pi Day Workout

Happy Pi Day to all! 

While other people are making and sharing pie, I decided this Pi Day to provide sweet workouts instead! 

A few weeks ago I was inpired by Cait at Fit Fab Cities .  She created a Pi Day workout that included 3 minutes of cardio activities, 1 minute of rest, and 4 minutes of strength exercises (3.14!!)  Genius!!  Since I LOVE theme workouts, I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Pi Day.

I looked at my teaching schedule and saw that my Pi Day schedule included a Core ‘N More class and Bootcamp!  Perfect! 


Here is the Pi Day Ab Workout I created!  Warm Ab-Ball Pi, don’t you love it??!!

Time to slice up some Pi for my Boot Campers!  Let’s hope they like their pie with a side of sweat!

How are YOU working out on Pi Day?

Writer’s Workshop: No Time Like the Present

1.) Tell the story of trying to learn a new talent or hobby that you only pursued briefly

I am home sick with the flu.  My little Tootsie Roll and I are snuggled on the couch.  Me with my laptop, Tootsie with the remote.
Then I start wandering the internet.   Which apparently, contrary to previous thinking, I have not found the end of.

Sound the Chimes ::TADA::

My Pinterest search* lead me to a new piece of candy:  Writer’s Workshop on Mama’s Losin’ It.  I love homework writing.  No time like the present to write my first post for my blog, right?

I know nothing about blogging.  All I know is I love to read them, love to comment on them, and wish I had one.  So I started this one.  Now**.  Thanks to Writer’s Workshop, I have a topic!  Woot Woot!!

Do I have a niche?  No.

Do I know what I am doing?  No

Do I have a (brief) new hobby?  YOU BET(CHA)!

Do I have things to blog about?

3 of my Sweet Things

Pretty sure I do.


*Not really sure how I got to Writer’s Workshop, but I did.  Using Pinterest.

**I actually opened my account about a month ago, but yeah, NOW.