3/14/2012: A Pi Day Workout

Happy Pi Day to all! 

While other people are making and sharing pie, I decided this Pi Day to provide sweet workouts instead! 

A few weeks ago I was inpired by Cait at Fit Fab Cities .  She created a Pi Day workout that included 3 minutes of cardio activities, 1 minute of rest, and 4 minutes of strength exercises (3.14!!)  Genius!!  Since I LOVE theme workouts, I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Pi Day.

I looked at my teaching schedule and saw that my Pi Day schedule included a Core ‘N More class and Bootcamp!  Perfect! 


Here is the Pi Day Ab Workout I created!  Warm Ab-Ball Pi, don’t you love it??!!

Time to slice up some Pi for my Boot Campers!  Let’s hope they like their pie with a side of sweat!

How are YOU working out on Pi Day?

One thought on “3/14/2012: A Pi Day Workout

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