Doing Some Sweet Stuff

I did it.

I did something Big, Scary, and Exciting.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while now, but never go the nerve to do, until now.

::wait for it::

I filmed a video of myself doing a favorite exercise and submitted it for Tuesday Trainer!! Okay.  I know what you are thinking.  Big deal.  Tons of people turn in their videos to the fabulous Lindsay so she can create her weekly Tuesday Trainer workout.  (Seriously, you should check it out.  She has a different theme each week and people submit exercises according to the theme.  It is a fitness fanatic’s dream!!)

I know,  but I was scared.

Scared to film myself.

Scared I would look silly.

Scared you all would laugh.

Really scared to watch myself on film.  ::Shudders::

But I did it.

I have been communicating more with this great family of fitness bloggers thanks to Instagram.  (Find me @alang1000).   They make me laugh, they inspire me, and they make me hungry to do more.  So I did.

Just like riding a big scary tube across a big lake at fast speeds, I found that this whole experience was not as Scary as I thought it would be at first.  I had fun doing it, I love knowing I did it, and I will do it again!!  In otherwords, it was just Big and Exciting.

So without further ado, here is the exercise I submitted for Tuesday Trainer this week. Lindsay’s theme was vanity moves.  Vanity moves are the exercises we do that don’t burn a ton of calories, but work those troublesome areas we tend to be concerned with, or vain about all the time.  My participants know this is one of my favorites and I do use it a lot in my Core classes.  It is a great burn for those Inner Thighs.  Who doesn’t want to work their inner thighs?   Be sure to check out the videos from the other bloggers.  There are some great exercises – and the workout is totally doable, whether you are in the gym or at home.

Sweetly enjoy.   Andi

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