Sweet Eats: What I Ate Wednesday #1

In the spirit of doing Big, Scary, Exciting things, I decided to join in on Peas and Crayons linky party – What I Ate Wednesday.    I love to eat.  I love to take pictures of those things I eat (and drink).  I am trying to write more blog posts.   ::Slaps head::   It all just makes sense.   Once again this thing isn’t Scary at all.  Although it is scary to show you just how much I eat.

I started my day at the wee early hour of 4:35am.  Billy Joel was singing about how he loves me just the way I am, and it gave me just enough of a jump to get out of bed and drive to work.
Breakfast #1 



Breakfast #2


After my 6:30 am Spin class and a bit of lifting on my chest and triceps, I ate Breakfast #2.  I had been saving this jar of peanut butter for about a week, knowing it would be perfect for a jar of Overnight Oats In a Jar (OIAJ).  Unfortunately my kids got their grubby hands on the jar and cleaned it out even more.  I had to hide it a little deeper in the cupboard, and it turned out perfect.   In my jar was a 1/2 cup of oats, TBSP of chia seeds, 3/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (to die for!!), a smooshed up banana,  Scoop of Shakeology, and a handful of blueberries.  I let it chill overnight and it turned out awesome!








Lunch has become my favorite meal of the day – #saladaday time!  I loaded this one with leftover citrus pasta salad (need to get the recipe from my friend, it is awesome!!),  rotisserre chicken, avocado (extra – there is some in the pasta salad too), lettuce, and mustard as dressing.  I have become a bit of a mustard freak, and it was perfect in this mix.  The picture – not so perfect.

Car Snack

My secret to getting more veggies into my diet:  my car snack.  I usually pack 2 ziplock bags a day of veggies.  I try and get a variety of veggies in the bag and fill it up really full.  The first baggy I usually add to my salad at lunch, but the second one I save for my drive home.  Those baby peppers are awesome.

Chicken – with a touch of cream cheese with chives in the middle – and all spiced up.  Roasted green beans and brussel sprouts on the side.  So Good.

Evening Snack/Dessert

The sweet side of me needed a little something, so I made banana soft serve with a tsp of cocoa and half a scoop of Shakeology.  Everytime I eat this I am so amazed it is made of bananas.  It tastes and feels like ice cream.

Eats not pictured:  A Zone Perfect bar (forgot to take a picture), a ton of water, and a cup of green tea.

My job doesn’t allow me to leave for lunch or even for a snack if I forget, so planning is really important.  Along with my 2 ziplock bags of veggies, I usually have Larabars (or other types of bars), and tea available to snack on during my day.  I have found, even though it takes awhile, taking a bit of time to plan at night makes my day go better the next day.

As a matter of fact, time to get started on tomorrow’s meals.

Sweet Eats – Andi.

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