Sweet Shortcuts

A member sent me an email today, asking me if I knew about Pinterest. 


My response:  Where do you think I get a lot of my ideas??? 



Follow me on Pinterest.  andrea_r_lang!!!

Follow me on Pinterest. andrea_r_lang!!!




I create my own workouts and classes all the time, but once in awhile I get bored and need a bit of inspiration.  Pinterest is where I go to find that inspiration.   It is also a great place to bookmark all those great workouts I find while reading health and fitness blogs.  I am still learning how to create those cool looking pinnable workouts myself, because I have a couple great workouts I want to share.   Look for those soon!!



Having all these workouts in one place helps me out a bunch.  Timesaving shortcuts.



Today was one of those days.  I needed inspiration.  Big time. 


Thankfully I happened upon Blonde Ponytail’s post from the other day (by the way, she is the pretty blonde in the top, center picture).  Jess and her husband have been creating some intense WODs, and her latest one looked like an especially good one.  I made some shortcuts modifications on the running (I had to teach spinning right after the workout), but did the strength just as Jess wrote the workout. 



Here is the workout with shortcuts modifications:

400 meter Run (the amazing Jess did 800 meters!!)

10 pushups

20 squats

30 full sit-ups

Repeat 6x. 


Considering I have been a little low on energy this week, this workout went pretty well.  I did this workout with a member and she said it was awesome!   I will say it was a little tough to do the spinning workout I created immediately afterwards.  Heavy hills and sprints after an intense workout = heavy legs. 



Speaking of shortcuts…. I got a text from my husband this morning asking me where the girls get their haircuts.  I am on my way home now to see the results.  Rumor has it they got a lot taken off…

Here they are as they looked when I left this morning (Okay.  This picture isn’t from this morning, but I swear they are slightly tanner and a little less Norweigian versions of this exact picture).   




I can’t wait to see the results of these shortcuts….


Have a sweet Friday…. Andi





































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