WIAW #2: Packing my lunch in my Sweet bag.

I totally forgot to take pictures of a day of eating… OOPS! 

As you probably noticed this is only my 2nd WIAW, so I am still getting used to taking pictures of everything I eat.  I was kind of bummed and thinking I wasn’t going to be able to participate, until I had the brilliant idea to take pictures of everything I was packing in my lunch.  This is like snap shots of what my work eats are going to look like.   You can assume any eats after these 2 meals and snacks are going to be only clean, healthy options.  Of course. 


Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!  Take a peek sometime at all the WIAW entries.  Such great ideas!



  I came home to an empty house.  3 kids, 1 husband, and 1 dog off to play in the lake for a few hours.  1 big, easy going dog came to greet me.  I was pretty sure he didn’t care about me, or need me to pay attention to him, so I decided to pack my work food for today and take pictures of all the goodies.   I mean, what else would I want to do in an empty, quiet, house?    



Breakfast #1 (already consumed)



Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwich  



  I sliced the top and bottom off an apple and cut it in half down the middle.  Took the core out (kind of) and slathered peanut butter in the middle.  A splash of lemon juice kept it from turning brown. 


A papertowel kept me somewhatclean.   


Breakfast #2 (already consumed)  Overnight Oats

   I made yummy overnight oats in an empty chia seed jar.  In the mix:  Oats (duh), cinnamon, flax seed instead of chia (see the empty chia jar), scoop of Shakeology, a scoop of peanut butter, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.    Oh.So.Good!   

All the rest of my food has yet to be eaten.  Is it weird that I get excited about all the food that is in my future?   I love to EAT! 



Salad, peppers, shredded pork, and LOTS of mustard

I am all out of Kale and Spinach, so my salad consisted of romaine, peppers, shredded pork, mustard, oil/vinagar/mustard dressing, and a bit more mustard.  I love mustard.    Isn’t my Tupperware bowl cute?    It is huge too.  My Wednesdays are long and I teach 3 classes, so I need a ton of energy.  Therefore I need snacks. 

(Truth be told I need lots of snacks even on days I don’t teach 3 classes. )  

 Snack #1 

cottage cheese and protein powder/ apple

   Cottage cheese and protein powder (cookies and cream flavor) and an apple.  Maybe I will eat them together, maybe not.  (Judging by my rumbling stomach:  Probably not).  

 Snack #3  (AKA:  Car Snack) 

   Cheese stick and 4 peppers (all that was left, booooooo!!)   Usually I eat a ton more veggies than this on my car snack.  My hubby and I are challenging ourselves to not stop at the grocery store this week and use more of what we already have in the house.  This means I am going to have to be really creative in the next few days, because I just used up the last of our raw veggies (besides lettuce).   

Frozen veggies will be consumed.   

Not included in this post:  Dinner, 1-2 sessions of #teatime12, and lots and lots of water.    


Questions:  Do you get excited to eat your meals?  Do you stop at the store a lot during the week, or do you try and use up what you have and do one big shopping trip?   

Sweet Eats!  Andi

3 thoughts on “WIAW #2: Packing my lunch in my Sweet bag.

  1. Yes I get excited to eat my meals…especially breakfast, because it involves some sort of nut butter! HA! I try to not go to the store at all during the week. I also like to make it a goal to clean out the fridge before I go spend more $$ on food. 🙂

  2. My excitement for meals varies depending on what I am eating and how my day is going. I am alwasy excited about dinner with my family – but sometimes lunch is consumed at my computer while working on spreadsheets so that is not too exciting

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