WIAW #3 Snack Attack!

Happy Hump Day! 

Otherwise known as WIAW!! 

This is my 3rd time joining in the fun, and the last week with Sensible Snacking as the theme.  Again, if you haven’t taken the time to read through all (most) of the WIAW posts, you are totally missing out!  What great ideas!!  You just might want to make sure you have had a sensible snack before hand. 


Food Porn.  🙂



We I did a major, and much needed, grocery shopping trip this weekend.  I found several sensible snacks worth mentioning and my husband found several that I refuse to show you.  We go shopping together for this reason alone.  I don’t get the stuff he wants (chips, cheese, sweets) and he doesn’t get enough of the stuff I want (sensible snacks).   So our shopping trips include the whole family.  You might want to avoid the store when we shop.      My first stop upon entering the store was to the Kombucha section for a shopping beverage. Did I mention I have 3 kids with me?   

Kombucha Heaven  


Thanks to a suggestion from Lindsay I tried the mango.  YUM! Does anyone else need a shopping beverage?  How about a shopping snack? When you shop with kids there should always be snacks.  One of my favorite snacks is hummus and this is my new favorite flavor.  You seriously need to try it.  Be prepared to want to lick the container clean or just eat it like peanut butter (on a spoon or dipping your fingers in).  It is to die for.  Check out some of their other flavors too.  Plus the name of their company is so cute, Eat Well Enjoy Life. Totally my motto.  You will not want to share.  


  Black Bean Hummus.  

Thanks to Jessica at Bliss & Balance, I have several The Simply Bars to get me through the week!  Thanks for the giveaway Jessica!  

The Simply Bar 

 I am REALLY excited for my yet to eat snacks I picked up today!  My first Justin’s Almond Butter and another Kombucha, this one suggested by another Lindsay.  Strawberry.  Can’t go wrong with that flavor! 



Snacks are such an important part of my day – I teach a lot and like to refuel before and/or after teaching.  


Bag lady  

That pink bag under my animal print purse is my lunch bag.  It is huge.  And full of snacks (and my lunch). 


I am super excited to see what Jenn has for us as a theme next month.   July is a big month in our house:  2 of my Sweet Things have birthdays, and you know what that means.




                        Have a Sweet Day!  – Andi                         

7 thoughts on “WIAW #3 Snack Attack!

  1. I love your huge lunch bag – that’s awesome!! Can you come bring me some snacks too?! 🙂

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