Sweet Dreams.

This morning I woke up and I felt different.  Motivated.

Could it be the weather?

March Madness

Could it be March Madness and the opportunity to wear my favorite bandana?  (Go Badgers).

What could it be that motivated me to empty the dishwasher AND clean out the filter, all before 8 am?

The true culprit:  7 straight hours of sleep. 

I know sleep has been linked to weight loss and productivity, but I still struggle to turn in early. 

The way I feel today makes me know I need to change and have consistent 7-8 hour nights, rather than my usual 6 5. 

Can I do it? 

I can.  Just ask my dishwasher…

Have a sweet day,



3/14/2012: A Pi Day Workout

Happy Pi Day to all! 

While other people are making and sharing pie, I decided this Pi Day to provide sweet workouts instead! 

A few weeks ago I was inpired by Cait at Fit Fab Cities .  She created a Pi Day workout that included 3 minutes of cardio activities, 1 minute of rest, and 4 minutes of strength exercises (3.14!!)  Genius!!  Since I LOVE theme workouts, I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Pi Day.

I looked at my teaching schedule and saw that my Pi Day schedule included a Core ‘N More class and Bootcamp!  Perfect! 


Here is the Pi Day Ab Workout I created!  Warm Ab-Ball Pi, don’t you love it??!!

Time to slice up some Pi for my Boot Campers!  Let’s hope they like their pie with a side of sweat!

How are YOU working out on Pi Day?